With the world amid a global crisis and considering what a big role our health plays in the matter, it is vital to have our nutrition on point and put the right stuff in our body. It’s very easy to ignore your health in Ramadan and eat all the fried greasy foods you can get your hands on but here are some options that can not only satisfy all your cravings but are super healthy too!


• Oatmeal with low-fat milk, bananas and nuts

• Paratha with whole wheat flour, one tablespoon of ghee and a fried egg

• Cereal with protein milk

• Smoothie bowls with nut butter and seeds of any kind

• Meethi lassi and boiled eggs • French toast with a teaspoon sugar and cooked in 10 ml oil • Spinach and cheese omelet with multigrain toast

• Egg and mayo sandwich

• Breakfast burrito with kidney beans, egg and salsa

• Whole wheat pancakes with sugar-free syrup


• Air fried/ baked

samosas and rolls instead of deep fried

• Sugar-free fruit chat with dates and nuts

• Chicken mayo sandwich

• Chicken veg macaroni

• Channa chaat

• Grilled chicken burger

• Pita bread pizza

• KFC style air fried chicken

• Chicken vegetable sandwich in a bread loaf with one sauce of choice

• Low-calorie alfredo pasta