How does an 18-year-old learn professionalism? This is my first job and I am very nervous about saying the wrong thing or coming off as unpolished.

Professionalism comes with time. Just be on time and be thorough with your work. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because that’s how you learn things and if you don’t understand anything, ask.

I cannot study during this time; it's very difficult to focus. What are some other productive things I can do so that I this time isn't epically disastrous?

These are unprecedented times; don’t beat yourself up if you cannot study. Do as much as you can and try looking into online courses that interest you and take that those during this time.

My thoughts feel very scattered while studying and it feels like I am not absorbing or understanding the information. What am I doing wrong?

You are lacking focus. When you study the point is not to study for hours but to study for a little while and absorb what you study. The best way is to time yourself to see how much you absorb in as little as five to 10 minutes.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to get my kids (kindergartners) to sit down and study or do some activities. How can I get them excited about studying?

Young kids will never be interested or excited to study. They generally want to play games and be more involved with parents. Make activities look like games to keep them interested.

Do you suggest investing in these apps on App Store for vocabulary and grammar are worth it?

There is no harm in investing in education. You never know where or how you can learn something from. Even if you are able to learn one thing from an app, it’ll be an investment. •