I am thinking of going on an all juice diet for a couple of days because I am gaining weight. Yay or nay?

NAY! Please don’t do this to yourself. Respect your body. Feed it with the nutrients it needs. All these fad diets (detox-diet, keto diet, all juice diet etc) are just crap. To lose weight you just need to be in a deficit. Yes, that’s all what it takes. So, why do you want to lose weight by losing all your muscle? Always go for a balanced and nutritious diet.

I want to lose face fat. What should I do?

Lose overall body fat! No matter how many facial exercises you do in a day, nothing would happen. To lose face fat you just need to be in a deficit and workout regularly as a bonus.

Please suggest some fat burning foods.

There are no fat burning foods. Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks. To lose fat you just need to be in a deficit and eat enough protein.

How do I curb cravings? Especially sweet tooth.

By satisfying it. Yes, it’s that simple. Ask your dietitian to make adjustments in your diet and add the sweets or other foods you crave in a way that you don’t exceed your caloric requirements.

I get headaches during fasting hours. I need tea to get through the day, how do I manage this?

Have tea in suhoor or after iftar. Avoid powder milk. Add ½ inch ginger and a teaspoon of sugar (optional) in it.