Vitamin C & lemon cream

“We all started quarantine in better spirits, plotting long-pending hair masks and a definite cure to dark circles but self-care is becoming a distant thought, unpowered by lack of motivation. But despite everything, I try to make time for some night cream, if not a night routine. This one by The Vitamin Company is light on the skin, moisturising and mildly lemon-scented. Also, very budget-friendly considering most vitamin C creams and serums are priced to break the bank. Recommended!” –Eman

Lip tint on & worries gone!

“Nobody can overdo their face with layering makeup in this scorching heat. But, extreme weather conditions can also make your skin look dull and lifeless. Recently, I have started applying a lip and cheek tint by The Body Shop, and it is amazing, comes in a variety of pretty pink colours. A little bit of it on the lips and cheeks gives you a very flushed look which is more summer appropriate. This dual-purpose liquid stain creates a natural pop of build-able colour on your face, not at all making it cakey thanks to a water-like consistency. Dab onto your lips and cheeks for a rosy glow and you're good to go, simple!” – Rubab

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

“Stretch marks are common and absolutely normal for any human. It's true that, depending on your skin and the age of your stretch mark, you may not be able to smooth them out completely. But thanks to a body butter I’ve been using recently, I can clearly notice the fading of dark marks and smoothing of scars. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E intensely hydrated my skin. The butter melts into the skin and locks in moisture. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft. It softened and relived my dry skin (knees and elbows).” – Alina