Instagram now enables you to host fundraisers with Live

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Instagram is making it easier for people to raise money for nonprofits today by building a feature that’ll allow Live viewers to directly support approved organisations. Live stream hosts can decide what organisation they want to support, and during their show, they’ll be able to see how much money has been raised as it’s happening, along with how many people are supporting the cause. They can also tap and view individual contributions if they want to shout people out or virtually wave at them. All proceeds go to the organisations; Instagram doesn’t take a cut.

Facebook setting a charge to access live streams?

As more businesses, creators, and artists turn to internet live-streaming tools during the pandemic, Facebook has announced that it’ll be adding the option for people to charge for access to events with Facebook Live streams. “To support creators and small businesses, we plan to add the ability for Pages to charge for access to events with Live videos on Facebook – anything from online performances to classes to professional conferences,” the announcement reads. Details on the new feature are slim right now – the news came buried in Facebook’s larger announcement about its new Zoom-like Messenger Rooms feature – and there’s no real date for when users will be able to charge for events outside of a vague promise that it’ll arrive in the “coming weeks.” The announcement references that pages will be able to charge for events, but Facebook has yet to clarify if there will be any limitations as to who’ll be able to use the feature.

WhatsApp implements controls on viral forwards

After implementing new restrictions on how many times messages can be re-shared by users earlier this month, WhatsApp says that it's seen a major reduction in the distribution of forwarded content, significantly reducing the spread of misinformation within the app. Reportedly, the company said, "WhatsApp is committed to doing our part in tackling viral messages. Since putting into place the new limit, globally, there has been a 70% reduction in the number of highly forwarded messages sent on WhatsApp. This change is helping keep WhatsApp a place for personal and private conversations."