Man claims we've all been cleaning our teeth 'wrong' – and dentists agree

  • 09 May - 15 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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Each morning when we get up and each night before we go to bed, like clockwork, we clean our teeth. It's a part of our daily routine we've been doing for as long as we can remember. But did you ever stop to think you might be doing it wrong? Well, according to a viral TikTok video, our everyday teeth cleaning method isn't quite right. A man with great dental health shared the "correct" way to clean teeth with his wife, who was so taken aback by it, she decided to share his top tips with people on social media – and even dentists agreed her partner was on to something. The woman explained how her husband had told her that the key is to start with an alcohol mouth wash, then to floss, then brush your teeth. A spokesperson for the British Dental Association confirmed that you should always use mouthwash before brushing your teeth. They said, "If you use mouthwash, use it at a different time to brushing, otherwise you’ll rinse away the protective effect of fluoride." People absolutely lost their minds over the video, which has been liked over 625,000 times. Many said they had been under the impression you were meant to floss before using mouthwash – so this was a game changer for them.