• 16 May - 22 May, 2020
  • Eman Saleem
  • Interview

You’d think that a star kid must have his map cut out for him by privilege, skipping the struggle of taking baby steps to success. But not every child of celebrity parents has a star career gift-wrapped; some fight the biggest battles at home. Ali Abbas rose to fame with his drama serial Tum Kon Piya without cashing on his father, Waseem Abbas’ legendary title. A lawyer by degree, Abbas worked in a law firm and eventually moved to the entertainment industry working behind the screen, but it wasn’t without feeling like something was missing. The missing ingredient, as it turns out, was acting. With strong opposition, Abbas finally made his way to the screen and for the better. We reach out to the Deewangi actor with questions about life as an actor and he keeps it real.

Tell us a quality about yourself that you love and one that you hate?

I am optimist. No matter what situation I am going through, I always think that it’s going to work out and I am going to make it happen. I am very hard working, might not be that lucky but I am very hard working. And the thing I hate about myself is that I am short-tempered, I tend to get angry at little things and that hurts my reputation.

What keeps Ali Abbas going?

My family, I would say. When I get back home and see them happy, no matter how difficult the day has been, just a smile on my family’s face keeps me going. And the love of my fans of course, the appreciation I get from them keeps me motivated.

Who is Ali Abbas behind the screen?

I am a very happy-go-lucky, chill guy. I love making friends and spending time with my family. I look forward to every day. I’m a very different guy than how the audience usually sees me on screen.

A character from any project that you loved playing?

There are so many – Basil from Khaali Haath, Zarbab from Tum Kon Piya, Haroon from Deewangi and Ameer from Kisay Chahoon. I loved playing all of these characters and more.

A co-actor that you learnt a lot from on-set?

Noman Ijaz sahab. I have learnt so much from him as a co-actor. His confidence, his command over acting and life, I think, as an actor, working with him was the best experience. He is such a senior actor but his love and focus on my character taught me that as an actor you have to be considerate about others as well. I would say he actually taught me acting.

You are currently starring in the Ayeza and Danish starrer Mehar Posh. Tell us about your experience from working with them?

They’re like a family to me. I have worked with Ayeza in two serials and with Danish in three. Very civil and cordial, what I love about them is that they have no nakhras despite being superstars. Ayeza by far is the best actress I have worked with, she’s a thorough professional. I look forward to more opportunities of co-starring with them.

Given the chance to work in any genre, what would you choose?

I would love to work in a rom-com. My character Haroon from Deewangi is the perfect example; I had the opportunity of playing a character that was full of life. He was romantic and he had this comedic sense, I would love to explore myself in a similar role. I think that’s the need of the industry as well, I am afraid so many angry young man characters are out there. I think it’s time I shift to the rom-com genre.

One thing you love about the industry?

As a kid, my fantasy used to be to go Disney Land at least once and this industry is just that for me. I love the fact that I get opportunities to work with all these actors.

Actors are known to work on more than one project at a time. Does it get difficult to juggle two roles and execute them at your best?

I don’t think it is difficult. Every actor has a switch and the control of that switch is in your hands. If I’m playing an emotionally unstable person in one drama and an innocent man in another, it’s never been difficult to pull it off. Anybody who says it’s difficult and they need to get in the zone or that there is a method, they are lying. It’s just very easy for an actor to switch.

What other subjects or mediums would you want to be a part of in the future?

It’s a very far-fetched question because we just started the process of experimenting with other subjects and there’s a lot that we have to explore. A lot we should explore. I feel we are lacking in a choice of subjects and that goes for the web content too. I don’t see any prominent web projects right now, but if anything good comes my way, I shall do it.

How are you dealing with quarantine? Have you learnt anything that you will be taking to the ‘normal’ world?

We think so much about ourselves but in reality, we are nobody. There’s no superstar right now or a millionaire, all of us are human beings dealing with one problem and the only way to deal is to stay home, and not think you are He-man or something. We all are vulnerable. Humility and being human, that’s what I am going to take back to normal life, whenever it comes. •