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Men’s fashion trends that will rule the rest of 2020

We couldn’t possibly talk about big fashion trends without talking about men’s fashion trends. Although 2020 has already started and been put on pause in the first few months, we’re still looking towards a future when we can all actually go outside again and look hella cool and trendy. And especially for us fashion folk, we’re specifically looking at 2020 men’s fashion trends because men’s fashion is highly underrated. Whether you’re looking for yourself, for someone else or just out of sheer curiosity, below we’ve got the down low on what the biggest trends in menswear will be once 2020 resumes.

There was no shortage of covetable trends displayed on the runways in the beginning of the year, with one in particular standing out to us the most. We're officially having a moment with stripes! There's a lot to love when it comes to this classic print. Its clean appearance makes it wearable with most pieces. And if you're worried at all about not being able to pull off stripes, don't be – there's plenty of ways to make them work. As a general rule of thumb, thin horizontal stripes work just about all the time, but this year, wide vertical stripes seem to have stolen the spotlight.

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