Bilal Ashraf

ERTUGRUL is brilliant. Great story and awesome production. Happy to see it was introduced to the local audiences. Film/Drama is a form of art and needs to be appreciated regardless of where it was made. #Ertugrulgazi


They’ve relaxed the lockdown rules here somewhat but I fear it is way too early still. #england #secondwavecoming

Fahad Mustafa

Had the opportunity to work with this legend once and he was a delight to work with. It is a huge loss, I hate 2020 its the worst of all the years. RIP Jedi Sahab you will be missed.


I celebrate you every day Mama and even that is not enough, each time I achieve something I know that you’re the reason why I am able to do any of it. #HappyMothersDay Mama!! Love you so much.

Faysal Quraishi

Jab iraada ho neki ka toh waqai rehmaton ki baarish barasti hai. The way the brand has beautifully showcased the concept of Neki is truly beyond words! I’m touched... #NekiNahiRukegi