“I can’t wait to get married next year!”

The Baaji actress remains tight lipped about her love life but reveals marriage plans to SH.

“Do we really need to run to the markets for Eid shopping? Will we go back to our old ways without showing any change? Please ehtiyaat say bahir jaain. This is another crucial time since everyone is rushing out together at once. Maybe try celebrating Eid differently this year?”

Sanam Saeed writes on Twitter in response to the ridiculous adherence to SOPs of relaxed lockdown.

"I was body-shamed, degree-shamed, it was an all-round shame-fest,"

Gohar Rasheed opens about his struggles in the entertainment industry in a interview keeping it real and uncensored.

“I know people in Pakistan think it’s okay to troll actors here and judge them, at least spare the cast of Ertugral, it’s bloody shameful what’s going on! Who the hell are we to do this to them?”

Ahsan Khan tweets against the incessant (and embarrassing) moral policing from Pakistani Instagrammers on social media handles of the cast of the Turkish show.