Mahira Tahirani is one of the finest models out there. Her face has graced countless fashion shoots and designer runways, her runway walk is quite strong and her editorials always make her look high fashion. Young and beautiful, Tahirani has all it takes to make her massive mark in the fashion industry. MAG gets in touch with the upcoming model to get an insight on her life. and here she shares 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

If your life was a movie, what genre would it be?


One thing you can eat any time of the day?

French fries, anytime.

Favourite cartoon character of all time?

Powerpuff girls, super moody and empowering at once!

An actor you would want to swap lives with?

Jason Mamoa.

If you were to run away and start fresh, where would you go?

I don’t really think you need to run away to start fresh in life, you can begin right here, right now, and become the best of yourself.

Best and worst purchase you have ever made?

Too many good ones to remember, but the worst is always a disappointing mascara!

Favourite book of all time?

Either Dewan-e-Ghalib, or Kafka on the Shore.

One ridiculous thing you grew up believing as a child?

I thought clowns were another race of people, thank God for reality!

If you could pick your own nickname, what would it be?

Can’t really think of any, but growing up my mother would call me Mahi.

What would a day with yourself look like?

I’m a productivity conscious person, so early rising, a cup of coffee followed by a workout, picking a new read and cooking my meals.

How do you take your coffee?

Black, sugar-free and unlimited.

Home is....

Home is, mental peace, freshly scented candles, homemade food and loved ones all under one.

An irrational fear you have?

Not sure if it would count as irrational, but I’m really uneasy around flying insects.

One outrageous dream?

I’m currently studying law, and have somehow always dreamt of making it to a chamber in the High Court since not many women in the country have achieved it so far. Outrageous probably, but attainable for sure.