Lessons from lockdown

  • 23 May - 29 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Focus

We spent years watching sci-fi movies serving us a super-futuristic life in 2020, but could we have been more wrong? Most of the world went into a lockdown, shutting down all forms of travel, workplaces that weren’t essential; our elaborate plans and business strategies for the year sat on our desks, staring at us. 2020 was a reminder that human beings, as superior as they might be, are not the governing forces of the Earth. Locked down, we had a lot of time to wonder, to miss the monotony of life that we complained so much about and to count our blessings twice. When life returns to normal, whatever the new normal will be, it is a definite that we shall return to our old ways but we’d advice you to take some learning from the happenings of the world to remind ourselves of our vulnerability in times of crisis. Here are some from our celebrities:

Huma Adnan

Taking a step back, self-reflecting and seeing how each one of us can contribute to a healthier and humane world.

Natasha Baig

Value time a bit more seriously now. 

Navin Waqar

The fact that we shouldn't take anything for granted. Be it family, friends or work.

Sadia Jabbar

Being a working woman in quarantine, I realised how other people’s opinion influence decisions at work or even my personal life. Why couldn’t I pay attention to my inner voice? Lesson learned.

Sparlay Rawail

I took being on stage and playing live for granted, won’t be doing that anymore since I love the stage so much!

Zara Abid

To be patient and to accept what life has to offer.

Nomi Ansari

Mopping the floor and changing my cat’s litter.

Ayesha Omar

You don’t need so many clothes. Or shoes. Or bags. Or so many of any material things. Focus and invest on mental and physical health. Buy healthier foods, good books and exercise. And also, I’ll try to manage my time better and socialise less. I don’t want to go back to a hectic social life at all. Keep it small and intimate.