Desi trollers go international, spamming Ertugrul stars’ Instagram


Twitter and Instagram are typically called social media platforms, to stay connected with friends and share memories digitally, but a huge chunk of users from Pakistan have set the record to use these for bullying and targeting celebrities, otherwise called trolling, an internet slang that depreciates the impact of the act. The nature of trolling is usually personal, very different from ‘calling out’ for reckless behaviour. Can be found on fashion shoots, job postings, posts requesting for help and the internet’s favourite target, celebrities! Nothing is spared or left to the imagination and a string of vulgar abuses are slung thoughtlessly. If you ever happen to take a read down the Instagram comments, most are targeting female celebrities sartorial numbers in an attempt of desi men’s self-appointed responsibility of critiquing all choices of women. A recent display of said behaviour can be found when desi trollers went international, namely schooling Esra Bilgiç of Turkish drama Ertugrul and what a shamefest it was! Not for the Turkish actress but us. Trollers were appalled at the fact that Esra Bilgiç is the pious Halime Hatun IN CHARACTER! *gasp* A sad surprise that broke their hearts and they take these broken hearts to fulfill their spiritual duty of educating her on ethics of a ‘good’ woman. Incessant trolling took the internet by storm in an embarrassing display which we can only hope didn’t catch the eyes of the Turkish. Multiple social media personalities from Pakistan rushed to tell these trollers to back off, but to no avail. The irony begs a head scratch: men just had to go online to stalk an actress on a pictures-sharing platform because they were so smitten by her piousness.