Komal Rizvi launches YouTube channel ‘Komal’s Kitchen’

The singer and television show host took to Instagram to reveal the exciting news. "Hello my lovelies! Just launched a brand new YoTtube Channel called Komal's Kitchen and the very first episode is out now!" Komal posted. "If you want to know how to make Chicken Qorma (shadiyon wala fantastic mazaa) or how to make restaurant style Sheermal at home, or if you're just curious to see whether I can really cook or not (lol) then please do watch it, and do not forget to subscribe. Mondays and Thursdays!" Speaking about the passion project, Komal shared how she has been extremely passionate about cooking since a very young age, but never had the time to pursue it due to her music career. The star also disclosed she has a culinary diploma from London which she completed when she was 21.