My facial hair is annoying me, is there any way I can remove it with a home remedy?

You can use tinkle razor or any electronic facial trimmer for now. I won’t advise using wax strips at home as I come across many patients who end up stripping off their skin.

My lips are very chapped and dark. What should I do and what kind of lip balm should I use?

You can use liplex for chapped lips.

I have stretch marks and cellulite, is there any way to reduce it?

We can treat them with different modalities at our clinic. Meanwhile, you can use striaderm lotion two to three times a day.

How can I remove ingrown nails while giving myself a pedicure these days?

Try to cut your nails straight, not curved. The deeper you trim your nails to get the round shape, it’s going to curve more.

Solution for premature grey hair, I’ve used a lot of oil for this purpose but no difference.

Try tab. No-grey along with pharmaceris H.stimuton shampoo. Hopefully it should work.