I am going to start my O levels soon and will need to choose my subjects. My interest lies in science and commerce both but I need to choose one. How should I decide?

The best way to decide is by seeing how good you are at the science subjects. Do you think you can do well in these subjects? If yes, then you should opt for sciences but if you aren’t good at these subjects, then your best option will either be commerce or a mix of both science and commerce subjects.

I want to learn how to monetise a YouTube channel. How should I learn this?

If you want to learn a new skill or learn about a new skill, you should Google it and watch YouTube tutorials.

Every organisation requires two years of experience for an entry level job. I feel like this is a system deficiency but how does a fresh grad cope with this?

Write an exceptional cover letter and talk about your skills and strengths in your resume. Make sure you list down all your internships you have done as well.

What are some ways I can teach my pre-schoolers at home without fancy teaching material?

Make flash cards and play interactive games with your pre-schooler at home. Role play and games are also a helpful tool in inculcating skills in children.

Do I need to send a cover letter with a job application with it is not mentioned in the job posting?

It’s always best to sent a cover letter along with your resume. It gives you an edge over other potential applicants and it also gives the employers a chance to know you better.