This lockdown is really taking a toll on my friendships. I am so worried things won't be the same with my people after this is over. What should I do?

This current situation is new to everyone. The world was completely different a few months back than it is at present. Things will most definitely change from where they are now. In such ever changing times, it is best to stick to here and now and take one day at a time. Your friendships may undergo a transformation but will survive through these times. Stay connected with friends online. It’s a good idea to use video calls with friends that are prearranged in order to special time out for friends.

What is the best way to apologise for a mistake you have done a very long time ago but never confessed?

The best way to apologise for a mistake from a distant past is to forgive yourself for it. Admit to yourself that you made that mistake in your heart. Make sure that it doesn’t become a pattern of behaviour. You can also offer an apology to the person who was wrong-ed in your opinion because of the mistake.

My younger sister has self-esteem issues due to her complexion. How can I best explain to her that skin tones don't define people and that she is beautiful? What will make her believe?

Self-esteem issues usually start in early childhood. It’s possible that your sister has started seeing herself in a certain way due to her early childhood interactions within family and friends. As a supportive sister you can offer her reassurance but she will only feel self assured when she starts to see herself as a beautiful person from inside out. She will feel better once she starts to value herself as a person. What she finds less attractive about herself might be very attractive to some people. You can also suggest therapy to counter low self-esteem issues. •