Miley Cyrus celebrates the anniversary of her song ‘Malibu’

The Mother's Daughter singer took to Instagram to commemorate the third anniversary of her song Malibu, which was inspired by her rekindled romance with ex Liam Hemsworth. In the song, Cyrus details getting back together with The Hunger Games star and picking up where they left off in Malibu, which is where they lived together before their 2019 divorce. Shortly following Cyrus and Hemsworth's unexpected split, the Disney alum released her breakup anthem Slide Away, which appeared to give fans an inside look into what drove them apart. A lot has changed for The Last Song co-stars since their divorce. In addition to finding love with fellow musician Cody Simpson, Cyrus went on to host her own Instagram Live show Bright Minded. For his part, Hemsworth, who has been romantically linked to actress Maddison Brown, moved home to Australia to be closer to family after his and Cyrus' split. While neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth has spoken candidly about their divorce, members from the Hemsworth family have weighed in. "It's Australian living, I guess. We got him out of Malibu!" said Chris Hemsworth, referencing his and Cyrus' former residence.