Dead to Me: Season 2

  • 23 May - 29 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

After an agonising year of waiting, Dead to Me has made its triumphant return to Netflix with another ten episodes of unspeakable mayhem. The twists and turns are back in full-swing with creator Liz Feldman once again at the unhinged helm. It’s the glossy, gutsy murder mystery we fell in love with in 2019 – albeit with a new victim at its center. In fact, the transition from season one to season two is so seamless you may struggle to keep up. Season two picks up right where it left off. With Steve freshly murdered in the Harding’s pool, Jen and Judy, played once more by the incomparable Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, begin their next chapter by stashing a body. It presents a formidable obstacle that, in traditional Dead to Me fashion, the pair breezes through in a matter of episodes. The ever-increasing stakes keep the series right in the sweet spot between soap and camp – it shouldn’t work, but does. The true lifeblood of the series, Applegate and Cardellini dig even further into their formidable characters, as other recognisable faces fade in and out of the background with realistic frequency. This bonkers world feels just as real and as lived-in as it did the first time around with return performances from Diana-Maria Riva, Max Jenkins, Valerie Mahaffey, Brandon Scott, Suzy Nakamura, and James Marsden. It's rarely clear who will hold the key to the next wild surprise, so keeping an eye on each character becomes a matter of self-preservation. Of course, it's always the ones you aren't watching – and you'll be shocked anyway. No detail is left behind, no subplot is forgotten, and no dangling question goes unreferenced.