Scissor Seven: Season 2

  • 23 May - 29 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

New on Netflix day, the breezy follow-up to irreverent Chinese anime Scissor Seven improves on its under-watched and underrated predecessor. Not to give you the wrong idea, obviously – this is hardly a masterpiece, and still possesses flaws even on its own terms, but it rockets by with such a sense of style and humour that it’s difficult to mind. Following on from the first season with its usual blend of quirky eccentricity, action, comedy and pop-cultural nods, the second season feels like a step-up in every respect while obliquely referencing back to its predecessor throughout its new episodes. Seven (Ronny Chieng), the scissor-wielding hairdresser-protector, returns front-and-centre with more explication about his past and supporting characters feel much more bedded into the setting. With the potential for a third outing of silly antics and creative encounters taking heavy influence from well-known and highly regarded sources, it makes a strong case for itself as an accessibly entry-point to Chinese anime that feels distinct and can easily sustain an audience through its entire runtime. One of the best things about the new season is its animation and editing. The graphics are very high, and the audience is getting a good quality of episodes which they are enjoying. It has very much improved from its prior season in every way, whether its story, synopsis, characters, graphics, editing, or music. It has made development in each sector in comparison to the season one.