Get In

  • 23 May - 29 May, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Get In is a recently released film on Netflix. Paul (Adama Niane) and Chloe (Stephane Caillard) Diallo and their young son have just spent two months travelling the countryside in their vintage motorhome. It’s a dark and stormy night when they get back, and the entry to their gated home doesn’t work. Their housesitters, Sabrina (Marie Bourin), also their nanny, and her husband Eric (Hubert Delattre), aren’t picking up the phone. Turns out Sabrina and Eric signed a contract agreeing to pay the utilities, and are now exploiting a loophole that allows them to stay in the house. They call the cops, who treat Paul like a man who just climbed over the gate to a big house – they rough him up and cuff him and don’t bother to listen to a damn thing he says. Infuriated yet? Well, it gets worse. The cops basically shrug them off. They pull the RV into a nearby campground and call a lawyer, the first in a series of bureaucratic hoops Paul jumps through like a toy poodle with a doberman buried deep in its amygdala. Long story short, they’re getting stonewalled, and weeks go by in the motorhome as Paul teaches an all-too-appropriate high-school history course on John Locke. Paul and Chloe’s marital troubles compound the stress, especially when he skips their marriage-counseling appointments. This is when Mickey (Paul Hamy), the campground manager, slyly muscles into Paul’s life. This is some hardcore stuff, stuff that Paul never indulged because he’s a mindful, intellectual family man, but also stuff that he might want to consider indulging, once this entire situation goes nuts and threatens to toss him in the dirt.

– Compilation