"I know I am not fair, not a typical pearlescent white-skinned girl that brands want. I’m dusky, I’m bronze and I am proud of it. I was in Lahore for a shoot. The set was all white. It was a shoot for Eid. When I stood up in front of the set, I was told that the set is white why don’t I whiten up my skin tone? According to them, their clothes looked darker on my skin colour. Also there were models who were fairer than me to which they said we need to take pair shots, so it won’t look nice if one will be fair and the other will be dark. The photographer literally poured foundation on his hand and said he wants Mushk to look this fair,”

supermodel Mushk Kaleem tells Iffat Omar in an interview about the industry’s obsession with skin tones and her disapproval of it. The fights against being your true self should not be this hard. Kudos to Kaleem.

“I believe these two cutie pies Bilal Abbas and Yumna Zaidi are the next best thing after Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan from Humsafar. They are the new star couple for sure!”

Veteran actress Atiqa Odho all praises for TV’s latest sensational pair from Pyar ke Sadqay. We nod in agreement.

“PTV needs to produce a drama of the history genre and cast our artists and use our technicians, the ones who pay taxes and are talented enough,”

Yasir Hussain writes on Instagram in response to the Turkish drama Ertugrul that has taken the nation by storm (and debate!).

"Wearing a mask is not is not a choice, it’s a requirement. Showing a little responsibility on your part can save a life,"

some fact dropping from nation’s heart throb Fawad Khan. We know sir, but do we reaaally know? Our behaviour over the last few weeks has proven otherwise.