Dramatic Lines

  • 30 May - 05 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Want your eyes to do some talking? You need to amp your eye liner game and you might need hands steadier than a surgeon to pull some of these off! Skip the eye shade and opt for some dramatically lined eyes that make a bold statement. We’ve picked out some high drama looks for you to experiment till you get ‘em right!

Floating convention

Move on from the tight-lined look of the past and try this trend that raises the bar. Use a dark pencil to draw arcs halfway between your lashes and brows. If your lids have creases, situate the lines above them so the makeup is visible when your eyes are open.

And ore

Dabbing highlighter that matches your skin tone near tear ducts is a standard makeup-artist trick for brightening the eye area. So why not shake things up with gold? Smudge the shade on inner corners to up the shine factor.

Gold outlook

Gold eye makeup used to be outré, but these days the shade is commonplace (read: boring) on eyes. Reignite the experimental nature of the hue by drawing multiple lines with a shimmering pencil. Extra credit if the marks are off-kilter.

Cross purpose

If liner is going to be your only makeup, you may as well go all out. Draw fine lines that radiate outward from your eyes horizontally and vertically. Use gray pencil rather than black; you're going for harlequin, not Goth.

Bracket closed

This negative-space take on the cat eye refreshes a classic look. Using waterproof liquid liner, trace along your top lash line and make and inward closing bracket. Feeling fancy? Colour it in, or leave it blank. Looks sharp either way.

Some pointers

You could use adhesive eyeliner (yes, it's a thing) as intended, but we have a better idea: Snip the stickers into triangular pieces and create abstract art. Think of it as an accessory, not makeup.