Blood - The Mischief Continues…

  • 30 May - 05 Jun, 2020
  • Salaar Laghari
  • Fiction

Next Six Months

Rizwan and Alia were living a stressed life as their daughter was pregnant and they were extra conscious about her. Rizwan took leave from his work and asked his colleagues to handle his work.

Rahman who was aware of his grandfather’s prophecies was spending most of his time alone thinking about the miserable life that was coming ahead of him. He had spent half of his hidden savings on poor so that his family’s problems would be resolved sooner.

Omama did not have a single clue about anything that was about to happen with her in future. She was living a painful yet hopeful life. She was excited about her child and was also delighted that after few months she would get a chance to continue her career.

Zakariya who used to be an irresponsible husband earlier improved himself and started looking after his wife. He was hoping that he would be blessed with a son but he didn’t set his hopes too high knowing that circumstances could be really hurtful.

On the other side of the city, Hannan who was really upset with his rebellious son found a job as a wedding caterer. His wife had slightly calmed down on him and was supporting him without much demands.

Jafar was growing wilder as he was not getting proper attention from his father. He had started street crimes such as jewellery snatching and even killing people on contract. He had gained quite some grip on the weapon and now it was easier for him to use it without any fear. For quite a long time he was suspicious of Rahman, he believed that it was him who reported to his parents regarding the weapon. He had sworn to make it even with him.

Mr Khattab was upset that his spiritual teacher’s son had lost trust in him. He was trying to unveil the conspiracy but he was unsuccessful as the old prisoner who mentioned his name had grown really sick and was admitted to the hospital for several months.

Maqsood and Sirtaj had kept a constant but secret eye on Khattab as they wanted to make sure that he wasn’t getting closer to discover their conspiracy. Money was not what mattered to these guys, it was getting exiled with disrespect from Tariq Yasar’s family that infuriated them.

In the ninth month, as Omama finally gave birth to a child, the happiness of the family turned into a grief as they discovered that the son born to Omama was born blind. Their son had absolutely no vision. This broke the entire family, they were shattered completely.

Omama was sad and heart broken from inside as her hopes faded.

The night she was crying in the hospital for her bad luck, her mother started weeping and said to her husband,

“Your father’s prophecy turned out to be true.”

“Yes, unfortunately,” Rizwan answered feeling his family’s pain.

“This means that other prophecies will also turn out to be true.”

“I don’t know what to say…Except, that I believe in them way more than I believe in my own existence.”

This was one of the most painful nights for the family, the father and son had a conversation regarding leaving the country forever as this state had bad memories for them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t affordable for them, and therefore, they thought of accepting God’s will with patience and hope that things would get fine.

After the two months of delivery, when Omama was quite better and healthier than before, she wore her new dress one day and while carrying her abnormal child, she appeared before her parents and her brother. They were slightly surprised seeing her so energetic, so Rizwan asked her,

“What is it my child? Is everything okay?”

“Yes!” she declared. “Everything is okay. Everything is okay.”

They were surprised as to why she was repeating it. Omama continued,

“Everything is fine, everything is okay. If my child cannot see, nothing is wrong with that. I am going to look after that. Everything is normal for me. I am going to struggle through life with my son. Are you with me?”

The three of them stood up for her with respect as they were really amazed on her motivation.

“Omama,” Alia said, “I am so proud of you.”

“Yes, I had never assumed that you would turn out to be so strong.”

Omama continued her speech,

“My son Harun will lead a normal life like everyone else. I will also continue my career side by side. But my son’s life is my priority, because everything is normal. No matter how my son is, he can and will live a normal life like others.”

“Definitely, Omama!” her mother said getting closer to her, “we support you one hundred percent. Your son is normal. Who says he is not normal.”

“Yes,” Rizwan added.

“He is absolutely normal. I can say for sure that he is normal.”

“We all are with you Omama,” Rahman finally spoke.

“…Great!” Omama said after a moment of silence, “I’m glad that you all are with me. I was expecting this from you, you are truly my loved ones.”

Alia gently took the baby from her hands and said looking at her,

“Your son will make us proud one day, I’m sure.”

“In fact,” Rizwan said coming closer towards them, “after I make some fortune, I will invest in his operation. He’ll get an operation when he is older and then he’ll see his family with his eyes.”Omama didn’t know how to respond, so she remained silent. “That’s a great thinking dad,” Rahman added, “this will happen soon, I’m sure it will.” The family had a good time after quite a long time.


Jafar was sitting with his crime partners in a garage. This garage was there secret hideout where they used to hang around during night. Jafar along with his three friends was having coffee. He said to them with pride,

“Do you know what’s the most unique thing about our group?”

The other members were waiting for him to answer his own question.

“Our members are not afraid of death. The only condition for joining this team is to accept that you would die fighting for this team.”

The other members looked at each other as if they were not completely agreeing with this statement.

“Do you guys agree?” Jafar asked them.

“Yes,” only one of the members said with no enthusiasm.

“Are you guys even listening to me?!” he asked angrily.

“Jafar,” one of the members said in protest, “don’t say that we all are not afraid of death. We all are brave except for you.”

Angry Jafar took out his gun and aimed it towards him saying,

“Do you want to taste death?”

“Why are you so afraid of me?” he taunted. “You are using a gun, which means you are terrified of me. I’m not even holding a gun and yet you are so defensive.”

Jafar angrily hit his friend with the gun on his forehead.

The other two members stood up and snatched the gun from Jafar. Jafar tried to resist but he couldn’t therefore, the guy who was hit on the head stood up and said,

“We are no more a team.”

“Yes!” the other two agreed.

Jafar was enraged even more; he rushed towards them and snatched the gun back. After holding the weapon, he reloaded it and shot one of the team members randomly on his chest.

The other two immediately left the garage. Angry Jafar shot some fires in the air and exclaimed,

“I don’t need anyone of you. I had formed a team before, I can make another again.”

He shot another fire and yelled,

“Who the hell do these guys think they are?”

He angrily shot the injured guy on the ground twice. He was trying to fire more but the magazine was empty now.

I will find these two he whispered to himself, and I shall kill them both. But first I have to stick to my plan, before these two I have to find and kill Rizwan’s son.


Three Months Later

Omama was at her home with her son on the bed. She was sewing clothes for him until Zakariya came and said,

“Wow, that’s a good activity that you have discovered for yourself.”

Omama smiled and kept on doing her job.

“So, when are you joining school?”

“I don’t know, but not until he grows one year old.”

“I see. Well, do whatever makes you comfortable, I am always by your side.”

She smiled without looking up at him.

That very moment, Zakariya heard their phone ringing. He went to answer the phone. He picked it up and answered,


“Mr Zakariya, my name is Khattab,” Khattab spoke from the other line.

“Khattab, who?”

“I’m an old friend of your father in law. I want to meet you, can you fix a meeting with me?”

“Okay,” Zakariya replied with confusion, “where do you want to meet?”

“At my place.”

“Okay, and what for?”

“Your father in law is upset with me. I need you to help me patch things up with him.”

“Oh, okay.”

“So, when are we meeting?”

“I’ll call you back, just give me your number.”

One minute later, Zakariya came back to his wife and said,

“Some guy named Khattab just called me.”

Omama looked up at him and uttered,

“Oh, my God! What was he saying?”

“He wants to meet me.”

“You can’t meet him. He is our enemy. He is the enemy of our grandfather; just tell him you can’t meet him.”

“Who is this guy exactly?”

“You know him by face. You don’t know his name. Anyways, just ask him not to call here again, okay?”

“Its not that easy. Alright, I’ll just avoid his calls and stay disconnected.”


They had a little conversation, until Omama left to prepare lunch.


Next morning, Rahman was returning from his school as usual. At the same spot as before, he crossed Jafar. Jafar was standing right in front of him with arms folded. He was alone. Rahman said,


“You have made a big mistake.”

“Excuse me?”

“The matter was between the two of us, but you told on me.”

“Told on you? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play games with me,” Jafar warned, “I know you complained to my father about that incident.”

“Look, I’m not afraid of you first of all. Secondly, I don’t care if you believe me or not but I have never spoken to your parents.”

“You have no idea how they are treating me right now.”

“Look,” Rahman said getting fed up, “believe what you want. Think what you like, but I have no concern with your parents.”

“I’m going to warn you for the last time,” Jafar said taking out the pistol, “Do not lie to me. Don’t try to fool me. You can apologise and bargain with me.”

Rahman chuckled silently and then said,

“I can only sympathise with you. You are just like your father.”

Jafar reloaded the gun and said,

“Now put this bullshit aside, just tell me are you going to hand over the diary to me or not.”

“Hand over? You think, I’m stupid enough to carry it along.”

“Bring that diary to me!” Jafar yelled. “I’m giving you one day.”

That moment, Rahman got an interesting idea as he asked himself in his thoughts,

What if I note down some prophecies on my own and convince him through those fake prophecies to leave the city with his family.

Rahman said to him,

“Alright fine, meet me here tomorrow. I’ll bring the diary.”

Jafar smiled and said,

“There, was that so hard?”

Later during the evening, Rahman was noting down some prophecies on his own in a diary when he heard his house’ doorbell. He stood up and went to answer the door. As he opened the door, he saw Sirtaj and Maqsood standing outside. He uttered as he recognised them through their faces, “You guys, what are you doing here? What do you want from us?”

to be continued...