I want to carry the fasting routine post-Ramadan in the form of intermittent fasting but without having to wake up for sehri. Good idea or no?

Yes, you can. If intermittent fasting suits you and fits your routine perfectly, then you must go for it. Just shift the fasting window a little forward. And stay hydrated throughout the day.

I need some healthy snacking ideas for the kids who are home and constantly asking for snacks. Something they can preferably make on their own.

Homemade protein bars, sandwiches, choco-balls and fruit pops are some easy snack ideas for children.

I’ve heard mixed advices on this so I am really confused and hoping you can end the debate for me. Are chickpeas a diet food?

Yes, you can use them as post workout snack, make a chaat out of it by adding vegetables and spices.

Should I opt for low fat yogurt and cheese if I am watching my weight?

Yes, because they’re low in calories so you can add more food in your diet by opting for the low-calorie options.

What is the fuss around almond milk? Can you please explain?

It’s just another low-calorie alternate for milk. But it can’t replace the benefits of regular cow milk. •