Kendall Jenner recalls her scary anxiety attacks

Kendall Jenner is opening up about her struggles with mental health. During her virtual visit to Good Morning America, the star, who teamed up with designer Kenneth Cole to raise awareness for The Mental Health Coalition, recalled her own experiences with anxiety. "I was really young and I remember not being able to breathe properly and venting to my mom, ‘Mom, I feel like I can't breathe. Something must be wrong,'" she shared. "And she of course took me to a bunch of doctors just to make sure that I was okay physically, and I was. No one ever told me that I had anxiety." Thinking her anxiety was under control, Jenner revealed that she would suffer crazy panic attacks in the years to come. While discussing her involvement in Cole's Mental Health Coalition, the model explained that she is thrilled to help lift the stigma surrounding mental health and anxiety. "When he came to me, it was so perfect. I struggle with my own mental health issues sometimes. So, I was ready to get involved," Jenner said. Back in 2018, she revealed that she was "on the verge of a mental breakdown" during her interview with Love Magazine. She also spoke candidly about her mental health telling viewers that she suffers from debilitating anxiety.