• 30 May - 05 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Valeria Férriz Henares (Diana Gómez) is trying to write her first novel, having gotten the contract to write it after winning a young writer’s award previous year. She’s extended the deadline more than once, and now she has to finish the first portion of it in a week, and she’s barely started. To help make ends meet, she’s up for a security guard position at a museum, and her photographer husband Adrian (Ibrahim Al Shami) is eager for her to get the job, mostly to help them out financially, but also to get out of her own head. We see a montage of Valeria failing to find inspiration and go through the usual distractions. Her longtime friends have their own things to deal with. Lola (Silma López) is dating a married man named Sergio (Aitor Luna), and she’s fine with it. Carmen (Paula Malia) has a crush on a man in her office named Borja (Juanlu González), but is so shy to talk to him. Nerea (Teresa Riott) still lives with her parents while she’s paying them back for her master’s degree. But they’re all supportive of her. Lola invites them to a party thrown by her friend Victor (Maxi Iglesias). But first, Valeria has to deal with the interview; she finds out to her dismay that the position is full time, with some weekend and holiday work. That would help out financially, but she feels that would kill the novel she’s trying to complete. But Adri, who found out that he’s being laid off from the studio where he works, really needs this gig to come through. Their relationship in general has been on the distant side. Valeria goes to the party and ends up meeting Victor; despite the fact that she’s married, she listens intently while he advises her to do what she wants. When he suggests that she write an adult novel, she takes the suggestion to heart.