Microsoft Surface Duo overhyped?


After announcing its Surface Duo phone back in October, Microsoft has remained fairly quiet on the device. But it looks like we won't have to wait any longer, thanks to a huge leak by way of Windows Central. According to the leak, the Surface Duo will pack a single 11-megapixel camera sensor above the display. You'll be able to use that for both selfies and rear-facing photos and videos. Windows Central notes the decision to go with an older chipset instead of the latest Snapdragon 865 has to do with a Qualcomm requirement. Any smartphone maker that includes the Snapdragon 865 must also include a separate 5G chip. Unfortunately, the Duo doesn't have room to include the extra chipset. That also means the phone won't support 5G. It also comes with a pretty mediocre battery, at 3,460mAh.

Amazon steps up to support buyers with pandemic essentials

Amazon says it will produce hundreds of thousands of face shields for medics and sell them at cost price in the US. The internet giant said engineers from its drone and hardware divisions had been tasked with developing the product. At first, it will sell them to healthcare professionals, before making them available to all Amazon customers. Amazon is not the first major US firm to use its resources to produce personal protective equipment (PPE). Apple began sending face shields to hospitals in March. Space X, HP and Ford also used their manufacturing resources to make and donate face shields and other types of protective equipment. Amazon said that it had donated 10,000 face shields in the US and was "on track" to deliver a further 20,000. But its plan to sell them at low prices on its website will make them available to the general public, something other firms have not done.

Google announces free digital training sessions

With audiences now unable to attend in-person events, Google has announced an expansion of its Grow with Google training and education courses, with a new series of online sessions designed specifically to meet increased need during the crisis. As explained by Google: "We’ll offer digital skills training, interviews with career experts and programming from partners including Merit America and the National Congress of American Indians. Topics will include “How to manage your business remotely in times of uncertainty” and “How to improve your resume with four practical strategies.”