Texas man spends 300 hours creating LEGO Disneyland replica amid coronavirus pandemic

  • 30 May - 05 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Mag Files

As Disney parks remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic, one fan discovered a creative way to bring the magic into his own home. Instead of visiting the park, Texas resident John Daugherty built his own miniature Disneyland out of LEGOs from the comfort of his living room – a project that has since taken him more than 300 hours to build 25 different sets. The 48-year-old began working on the replica in 2017 when he first got hold of the Cinderella Castle LEGO set. "That was when I decided I'd make my own Disneyland," said Daugherty. Since beginning his passion project, Daugherty has built the park to include a motorised Disney train station, complete with Mickey and friends, the iconic Main Street USA, a Ferris wheel, a Marvel land, the Swiss Family Treehouse, a Pirates of the Caribbean themed ship and more. The father of two even has his own YouTube channel dedicated to his LEGO creations, where he shows off his projects and gives detailed tours of the pieces. Daugherty and his wife planned to take their two kids to Disney World over spring break, however, they had to cancel the trip due to the virus outbreak. Thankfully, Daugherty's creation could bring his family a modified Disney experience while stuck at home.