Can You Hear Me?

  • 20 Jun - 26 Jun, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Can You Hear Me?, debuts on Netflix this week; a look at three friends who band together to help them deal with their individual messy lives. Fabiola (Mélissa Bédard), Carolanne (Ève Landry) and Ada (Florence Longpré) are three old friends who live in a low-income section of Montreal. When the first episode opens, Fabiola is outside the burrito place where she works. Carola is in her cousin’s car, sick to her stomach as texts from a man named Keven (Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles) keep popping up on her phone. Ada is in what looks like a dreary government agency building, talking to a therapist. This isn’t voluntary, as we see examples of Ada’s anger issues coming out in various smacks, knees to the groin, and primal screams. She’s at court-ordered therapy after she smacked someone with a hamburger. But Ada isn’t taking it seriously, obsessing over how the therapist pronounces her name rather than actually listen to anything she has to say. Carola, who’s been waiting for her outside the building, still won’t talk about what’s been bothering her. Ada, Fabiola and Carolanne put up their emotional walls in different ways: Ada has anger, Carolanne shuts down, and Fabiola basically lets herself be treated like garbage. Their relationships with men are transaction-based at best and emotionally eviscerating at worst, and it doesn’t seem like any of them have great family relationships. We hope we see more parts of Montreal you don’t see when you visit the Old City, and even to someone who has visited the city many times, it was an eye-opening and refreshing look at a much familiar place .

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