Behind Closed Doors

As a multi-cultural counsellor and therapist, Dr Sheeza Mohsin is sought out by clients dealing with marriage issues, relationship conflicts, and adult and adolescent mental illness, especially in South Asian families. She supports clients in the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia. Sheeza has offered families and couples’ intensive workshops for several years. In Behind Closed Doors, Dr Sheeza Mohsin, who has worked with numerous clients of South Asian heritage, helps uncover the core issues that individuals, couples and families struggle with, when they feel torn between traditions, culture and their beliefs. Dr Sheeza modifies and translates many western therapeutic interventions to help you understand your multi-cultural identity, so you can resolve your relationship challenges and feel good about yourself.

This step-by-step model helps you to start thinking about your emotional and relational challenges in a way to get clarity on how to organise your thoughts, understand your family and start setting goals to feel better, emotionally stronger and eventually content with your life. Most importantly you learn how to be kind to yourself and honour your journey.

Discover how you got there, where you are in your relationships so you can understand the core issues that you really need to work on.

To learn about yourself is very important before you get into a romantic relationship.

Gain insight of your challenges so you can understand why you could be struggling in your relationship.

Learn powerful techniques and tools to stop suffering and also, to learn healthy communications skills so you can have deep and important conversations with your loved ones easily.

Develop healthy relationships by learning healthy, emotional behaviours that will help you sustain healthy and meaningful relationships while you learn to manage the difficult ones.

So get on track to live life in a fulfilling way, and feel worthy and confident!