You may recognise Kanwal Mehdi from the runways, or else from the numerous high fashion campaigns of luxury brands like Sheep, Bonanza, Outfitters, Huma Adnan, Tarz, Zeen, Zellbury, Khaadi and many more but there's so much more to her than the gloss and the glamour. Here, MAG gets up close and personal with the model during a quick and fun rapid fire. Excerpts:

If your life was a movie, what genre would it be?


One thing you can eat any time of the day?


Favourite cartoon character of all time?


An actor you would want to swap lives with?

Alia Bhatt.

If you were to run away and start fresh, where would you go?

London (never been there but would love to explore).

Best and worst purchase you have ever made?

Everything I try to buy is best in its own way but later they become worse with time.

Favourite book of all time?

Not a book person.

One ridiculous thing you grew up believing as a child?

I can’t recall any.

If you could pick your own nickname, what would it be?


What would a day with yourself look like?

Me, my PJs, my comfort food and my home.

How do you take your coffee?

Not a coffee person.

Home is....

My place, my peace.

An irrational fear/ phobia you have?

I can’t sleep alone.

One outrageous dream?

To become a supermodel and reach to the top with respect and dignity.