Iffat Omar reminds Pakistani celebrities of the existence of nepotism in our industry

Calling out

The sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has triggered a debate on the existence of nepotism in the Indian film industry. Even the Pakistani celebrities have raised their voices on this issue and have strongly condemned the existence of this practice in Bollywood. However, Iffat Omar slammed all such artists raising their voices against nepotism in Bollywood and reminded them of nepotism existing in their own industry. She took to her Twitter and wrote, “Pakistani industry artists sharing news of coffee in Karan in hot water but darlings what about the nepotism in your own backyard? Kabhi socha hay hamari industry me adakar kitne hayn?” Although, we somewhat do agree with Omar, but fortunately in our entertainment industry, nepotism is not exercised on such a large scale as it is in Bollywood. Most of our notable stars are outsiders with no lineage.