Saba Qamar raises mental health awareness via powerful video


Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has hauled depression and mental illness into sharper focus again causing celebrities to raise mental health awareness through various platforms. Recently, Saba Qamar took the initiative of raising mental health awareness through a powerful video. The video is captioned as “Aur Kitni Jaanein loo Gey?? Kab Samjho Gey???” and is uploaded on the Cheekh actress’s YouTube channel. In the almost seven minute long video, Qamar portrays herself as a girl having an emotional breakdown triggered by the criticism and derogatory remarks that scar us forever. The Baaghi actress also raises certain questions in the video like “Why do we judge people based on their appearance?”, “Why do we think of others as inferior?”, “Why do we ridicule others?” There are always those who tend to trivialise depression by throwing around blatant platitudes on souls who suffer from depression as if that is all that was left for them to hear. Their insensitivity is rooted in their unawareness and lack of understanding of the disorder itself. They struggle to fully grasp how deeply depression affects people. Qamar concludes the video with a strong message that parents have a big responsibility of teaching empathy to their children. She requests people to end all this and make life easier.