Mansha Pasha reveals our industry’s income inequality based on gender

Close the gender gap

The Laal Kabootar famed actress Mansha Pasha is known for her strong character and propensity to speak her mind. Recently, Pasha appeared in an episode of Iffat Omar’s talk show Say It All with Iffat Omar where the actress proved she is as outspoken as she is talented. On the show, she revealed our entertainment industry’s disparity of pays based on gender. She said, “There is definitely a disbalance. The thing is that male actors will say that female actors get better roles, which is true. Women get more diverse roles whereas men mostly have the typical torturer part. However, men definitely get paid more than an actress who is at the same level as them. There’s definitely a lot of factors behind it including the supply and demand of male actors but for now, this is the reality.”