Ayesha Sana goes into hiding amidst a fraud case

Fraud Alert!!!

Host Ayesha Sana has reportedly gone into hiding after arrest warrants were issued against her for a fraud case. The case has been registered at a Lahore Police Station, it was reported that the former actress handed over cheques which were eventually bounced. The complaint has been lodged by Mian Ali Moeen, who according to him is Sana’s family friend. Moeen alleged Ayesha of borrowing Rs Two million from him on account of her domestic needs and then, she vanished. He exclaimed that she handed over a cheque when they later met, which upon checking was bounced. The police issued arrest warrants, when she refused to cooperate with the authorities on the said complaint. Also, it is being said that Sana has taken millions from people in the industry, faking it all up about holding committees.