I am 27 years old and the lockdown has left me immobile and lazy. I want to get back on track, build my strength and stamina and start with my diet first. Could you suggest a diet plan for this purpose not necessarily designed around losing weight?

I can’t suggest a plan without knowing your weight, height and some other important details. You can contact me for a personalised plan.

I am allergic to nuts. What other healthy snack items should I include to have at work?


• Seasonal fruits,

• Yogurt,

• Dry fruits,

• Milk,

• Cheese,

• Protein bars

How shall I intermittent fast if I get hungry again and again? It's just not working.

If a diet doesn’t suit you then you shouldn’t follow it. Focus on what works for you and what you can stick to.

How does someone with a sugar-tooth quit sugar?

You shouldn’t quit sweet things. Look for healthy substitutes. Replace white sugar with brown sugar. Take smaller portions. Make sweets at home; quit bakery items.

I am finding a new comfort food in smoothie bowls. What must haves should I include to maximise nutrition?

Include fruits (seasonal), Greek yogurt, nuts and some raisins in your smoothies. This will provide you enough nutrients and keep you full for long.