How do I deal with unemployment during this economic crisis? I am spiraling into hopelessness.

Dealing with unemployment can be emotionally challenging during such uncertain times. There are some coping techniques you can try to deal with the problem and its impact on your emotional health. Apply for unemployment benefits (if applicable), create a budget to manage your current finances, manage your payments such as explaining your situation to the credit card company and landlords etc and be on the lookout for new job opportunities. As far as your emotional health is concerned, you can practice good self care, maintain social interactions and structure your day. Remember that this is a phase which will eventually pass. Try to stay positive and hopeful.

How do I help my friend who has very dark depressive moods and can be suicidal? She cannot afford therapy and refuses any sort of advice or help from friends.

It seems like your friend is someone who doesn’t want to be helped by anyone at the moment. It can be very painful and frustrating to see someone you care for in a bad mental state. You can spend time with her without advising her. Your unconditional support and presence will give her a sense of comfort during her dark times. You must inform her family if she has shared any suicidal thoughts with you as professional intervention may be needed for her. Indulging in positive conversations with her can hopefully motivate her to start taking care of herself.