I struggle a lot with writing professional emails. How can I work on this?

If you struggle with professional emails, practice. At home, write a few emails and see how they sound and also research on Google. You will definitely come across different formats and clues that will help you in drafting professional emails.

I gave a test for an agency and I haven't heard from them. Shall I send a follow-up email or just move on assuming rejection?

Send them a follow up email. It can also be due to the current situation that most organisations are working from home but at the same time start looking for other opportunities as well.

How do I improve my conduct and approach at work? This is my first internship and I don't want to mess it up.

Be more efficient, learn a new skill and try to give back to the organisation with your skills. Also, little things at work count so be punctual, meet deadlines and be friendly and approachable.

I am in 7th grade and cannot manage to take online classes and am opting out of school. What can I do to study at home in terms of material needed and what kind of help should I ask from my parents?

I don’t thinking opting out of school is a very good idea. The schools are closed temporarily but will eventually open in another six months. If you still want to quit school and opt for home schooling, please have discipline in life and do study. Ask your peers about the text books they are using and use those at home and make use of your time constructively.

I want to learn content marketing through an online course. Do you have any tips or suggestions for me?

There are several universities and programs running online for content marketing and other related fields. Search for them and enroll in those courses. Some of the courses are also free.