BLOOD - The Mischief Continues…

  • 04 Jul - 10 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Meanwhile, outside the destructed garage, Rizwan and Rahman were walking closer towards Zakariya’s dead body. Rizwan stood by his body but Rahman walked towards the broken wall to make sure that their culprit was dead.

Khattab came by and said to Rizwan,

“I think we have accomplished our mission, but we lost your son in law.”

“Yes, it’s a tragedy,” Rizwan answered as a tear fell from his eye.

Rahman was unable to see inside as there was so much smoke. He could hardly breathe, so he moved back.

Rizwan was getting really weepy, so he moved back. Rahman went after his father. Meanwhile, Khattab turned Zakariya’s body downside up. There in his pants’ front pocket, he saw a piece of folded paper. Khattab took out that paper and kept it in his own pocket.

Rizwan and Rahman were both injured and were weeping as they had lost Omama’s entire family.

“I don’t know…” Rizwan cried, “I don’t know, if we’ll ever find Harun again.”

“No, I don’t think, we would. I think that cruel guy Jafar would have killed him.”

“The father and son were associated all along, they fooled us.”


Rahman, however, felt pain in his body as he was shot in his arm and his head was also bleeding all over.

Rizwan looked at his son

and said,

“My son, as usual I am so proud of you. You proved yourself to be brave and strong.”

“I’ll keep on searching for Harun.”

“Let’s take you to hospital now,” Rizwan suggested. “I’m also injured.”

Khattab came by and said,

“Alright guys, before you lose a lot of blood, let’s take you to the hospital.”

“Sure,” Rizwan said.


One Month Later

Rizwan and Rahman were seated in their house’ gallery; Rahman had two huge scars on his forehead. The father and son were having coffee as usual, when Rizwan began the conversation,

“It’s time for us to move on now.”

“Yeah, I guess. It’s not easy, but we have to.”

“We lost an entire family, but we had our revenge.”

Rahman nodded.

“I think Rahman,” Rizwan suggested. “I think you should take admission in another school. You should focus on your studies now.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Time is a precious thing, and we must not waste it.”

“I agree!”

“My father was very much in favour of education. He always wanted us to keep on struggling in life.”


That moment, Alia came to the gallery and said,

“Khattab is here.”

Rahman stood up. Rizwan instructed him,

“Go and make him sit at the guest room. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Few minutes later, the three of them were seated in the guest room when Khattab said,

“I have strange, yet interesting news for you guys.”

“Okay,” Rizwan said curiously, “we’re listening.”

“Your brother Hannan… He’s still alive.”

“What?” Rahman uttered getting astonished.

“Your uncle actually escaped moments before the bomb blast.”

“Oh, my God!” Rizwan gasped.

“But you guys don’t have to worry about anything.”

Rizwan and Rahman paid even more attention. Khattab continued,

“He has been arrested by the police for poisoning your daughter.”

“Oh, well, that’s great,”

Rizwan said.

“And there’s something even more surprising. He honestly confessed his crime. He was too guilty. So he cooperated and confessed in the court that he was involved in this murder.”

“So, what was the court’s response on this?”

“He has been sentenced to life imprisonment.”

“Life imprisonment, are you sure?”



The father and son were shocked yet satisfied. Rahman said,

“So, he was guilty? Therefore, he confessed his crime?”


“But why I mean, well, why is not important, I wanted to ask you who gave you this report?”

“Sirtaj, he has been keeping eyes on things.”

“There’s still one question that’s unanswered,” Rizwan commented.

“What?” Khattab asked.

“Who reported this case to the police? We never did, we all agreed on this.”

“Yes, well, that mystery is still unsolved.”

Meanwhile outside some hospital, an injured guy with a huge bandage on his leg was seated on a wheel chair. He was none other than Jafar who has survived the bomb blast getting deeply injured.

While he was sitting, he claimed,

“Another one of Tariq Yasar’s prophecy turned out to be true.”

He remembered something about his past.

Six weeks back, he was at the police station and he had filed a report about Omama’s murder. The police officer asked him,

“So, you witnessed the crime with your own eyes?”

“Yes, and I am willing to testify this in court.”

As he came back from his thoughts, he took out a gold necklace from under his collar and said,

“Three consecutive prophecies have turned out to be true. A guy wearing gold would betray one of the brothers. Presumed dead will return and make situations worse and one among the two brothers will get imprisoned for life.”

He laughed out like a wicked and cruel person.

“I was the one who betrayed Hannan,” he said, “I am the one who is assumed to be dead, and my father is locked behind the bars as an imprisonment for life.”

He said his final words before leaving the place,

“Harun is safe with me, and I am going to use that kid to destroy this family’s peace once again. I will return after a few years, when I’ll be richer once again.”


Two Weeks Later

Rizwan who was at the airport with his wife, saw Rahman making his way towards them. He asked Rahman,

“So, what’s the progress?”

“Our luggage is safe now and our flight is in thirty minutes.”

“I see.”

After a few moments,

Rahman asked,

“Are you sure this is a good idea? Settling in another city?”

“We’re not doing this forever. It’s just for two years. Khattab has our house and he will be looking after it.”

“Yeah, I know!”

“We need some rest now. We have seen plenty of pain and suffering this year.”

Alia interrupted,

“Can I remind you guys of something?”

“Yes,” Rizwan responded.

“As I recall, I seem to remember that one of the prophecies stated that a presumed dead guy would return someday.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So? Who do you think is presumed dead?”

“No, you’re getting it all wrong. It was Hannan who was presumed dead and so,

he turned out to be alive.”

“But I think it is Jafar. I think he is the one who will return after a few years. He is the presumed dead,” she said.

“No,” Rahman added. “I’m pretty sure that he died in the blast.”

The father and son were in a huge misunderstanding regarding Jafar. However, they were not afraid of anyone and they were always willing to face the consequences of their misunderstandings as their recent life events had taught them that life is a journey of walking over thorns. •