Facebook launches ‘Forecast’ for crowd-sourced predictions and discussions

When going through the various social media conversations and trends, and keeping up with the discussions that gain the most momentum online, what's clear is that people love being right. Of course, that's no surprise - human nature is centered around our perception of self, and our understanding of the world. But people love being right so much that beliefs and opinions have now become a battleground, with some seeking out alternative viewpoints and perspectives that they can align with, in order to be 'more right' than anybody else. Even if that means defying the knowledge of leading experts. Facebook is looking with its latest app experiment - Forecast enables users to pose questions, and make predictions about the future, which other users can then vote on and discuss, providing more insight into potential outcomes based on shared knowledge. As explained by Facebook, "Forecast is a place to ask questions and use in-app points to make predictions about the future. All questions are submitted by the community and then moderated for clarity, using Forecast’s moderation guidelines and Facebook’s Community Standards."

Camp YouTube brings new learning tools for kids

YouTube is offering some online alternatives, while it's also added a new set of education resources to help creators maximise their YouTube presence. As explained by YouTube, "With Google searches for “virtual summer camps” spiking over the past few weeks, we want to help parents structure this new normal. Starting today, Camp YouTube will spotlight content on the [email protected] site and YouTube Kids across beloved summer camp themes, such as arts, adventure, sports, STEM, and more. We’ll have over 1,200 videos programmed during this two-week period with content refreshed every weekday through Sunday, July 5." There are currently five learning toolkits on the platform, with more to come. And even if you're not a YouTube creator, it could be worth taking a look in order to get a better understanding of the way the platform works.