Serenity now

The curious trend of earth colours
  • 04 Jul - 10 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

You’ve probably been experiencing a bit of colour overload lately. First came blue and we all bought up every shade of blue clothing in sight. Then it was all about lavender, hot pink, kelly green and Gen Z yellow in that order. Basically, our wardrobes have morphed into a rainbow of vivid shades and we’re just waiting around for the next colour to drop.

Well, wait no more because the next IT shade is here and the good news is, it’s not just one colour but a whole rich palette, making it easier to keep your wardrobe relevant. Chocolate browns, reddish clays, sandy tans, light yellows, greys, millennial pinks and forest greens have been quietly taking over summer. These nature-mirroring colours make for dope wardrobe additions year-round, and with brands favouring earthy colourways, now’s a better time than ever to be incorporating some outdoor vibes into your wardrobe.

Designer: Rabia Zahur
Photography: Rehab Khan
Stylist: Maha Rehan
Hair & Makeup: Azee Jee
Featuring: Arikah Gardezi and Arzoo Aslam