Marcella: Season 3

  • 04 Jul - 10 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

Marcella is back on Netflix with season three. Overall, it took a bit of getting into the new plot, but we’re still big fans of Anna Friel as Marcella. The previous seasons have been loved immensely due to Anna Friel’s intense and crazy portrayal of the lead character. After two seasons of the series, where you get to know a lot of characters, it feels like we’re almost watching a spin-off now. There are so many new characters since the story has moved primarily to Belfast. Marcella (Anna Friel) is still the lead character and Rav (Ray Panthaki) also plays a key role, so there are familiar faces still. Marcella is now called Keira and we soon came to find out that she’s working undercover in a mob-like family. They’re the Maguire family and they pretty much run everything there. She is actually part of the family as Keira. They do all know that she was a police officer though, so she’s building on her own life. The matriarch (played wonderfully by Amanda Burton) is not a fan of this new woman in their life. Call it female intuition, but she just does not trust this person. Once again, Rav becomes part of the series. When he gets involved with the crime family of Belfast, it’s because son-in-law, Bobby, kills the son of a high ranking politician. Bobby is not popular as it is, but Marcella helps the family by using her police officer experience to keep him safe. Overall, the cast is great, but there are too many new characters.