The Order: Season 2

  • 04 Jul - 10 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly

The Order season two is out on Netflix now and the horror-fantasy series picks up where season one left off, with lots of magic and werewolves with plenty of humour in the right places. Also, the characters are better this time. The fact that this series really leans into its horror-comedy subgenre is the perfect way to go. In regards to the wiped memories of the werewolves, there is a lot of humour included. This works really well since it is a rather stereotypical kind of solution. Simple and efficient, but also the kind of “easy trick” that never works in the long run. Surely, this Netflix fantasy series will be no different. Before the end of the second season’s episode one, the four werewolves are in very different positions than when the episode started. Especially since their wiped memory is triggered by the use of magic. This means that any use of magic will give them immediate flashbacks. Sometimes even with fangs beginning to appear triggering them into the werewolf state. However, most of the characters are still on board and it’s actually nice to see them again. The characters of Alyssa Drake along with Vera Stone (now the head of the secret order) are definitely the favourites. The women are very much in charge of the events unfolding here in season two and Sarah Grey is still wonderful as Alyssa while Katherine Isabelle is amazing as the absolute boss of everyone. For these two women alone, you should check out the new season of the show.