“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” –Aristotle

City needs proper drainage system

The heavy rains over the last few year have triggered floods in some areas of Karachi – some knee-high, others neck-deep – due to the city’s poor drainage. For years, the city roads flood every time there is a heavy downpour. Obviously there is an urgent need for a comprehensive drainage master plan of the city. Some sections of the roads become choke point – massive traffic, especially during rush hours during heavy rains. With the drainage system, certain areas usually get engulfed in flood waters every time it rains. Many areas in the city get inundated due to rains as there is no provision to divert the water. Travelling on roads for drivers and pedestrians becomes a nightmare experience. The accumulation of rainwater on roads can severely affect the lives of commuters. Potholes after rain also increase the probability of accidents. Hence, the onus lies on the municipal authorities to make sure that they make all arrangements beforehand and deploy ample staff to locations, where the severity of risk is high. They must affirm the cleaning of sewer pipes. Nevertheless, the people of the industrial city, especially the labour class, must be made aware of keeping the roads litter-free and clean to ensure that sewers do not choke. Another possible reason for the blocking of sewerage sieves is the increasing use of plastic bags. The authorities should sensitise people against its use. They must employ cleaning staff and provide sewerage cleaning equipment. A strict law must be made for new colonies to make sure they have good water drainage system in place. A good waste management system along with proper drainage systems can make roads free from accumulation of rainwater. With the monsoon season upon us, the authorities must take immediate steps.

Aisha Saleem,

Do nuclear weapons make us safe?

What usually comes to mind when you hear the words nuclear weapons? Yes, an extremely huge explosion that has a capacity to wipe out an entire place and everything else in it. Although they are often associated with death and devastation, nuclear weapons have a good side. But the majority still believe nuclear weapons should be deactivated and hidden away where no one can have access to them. According to me, nuclear weapons have both, advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage of a nuclear weapon is that it deters major wars from happening. A nuclear arms state is less likely to be attacked by another nation even when it is equipped with nuclear weapons of their own. This comes from the fact that a good defense allows a nation to protect themselves well and to retaliate just as well. This results in more peacetime, and any conflict would have to be resolved by diplomatic talks first instead of an all-out war. The second advantage is that negotiation between nations becomes the first weapon of choice. As previously mentioned, other nations would think twice before launching an attack on a nuclear-armed country. So when there are conflicts that need to be resolved, both nations would first resort to negotiating to reach an agreement or compromise as a way to avoid massive destruction. Whereas the first disadvantage of nuclear weapons is that they are expensive to maintain and build, and some nations would rather fund development of nuclear weapons than ensure the welfare of citizens. This leads to a negative effect on the treasury and really harsh political criticism. The second disadvantage is that these weapons come with plenty if risks. Some of the after effects of nuclear experiment can linger decades after the experiments have been completed. This increases the risk to human life. So, do nuclear weapons really make us safe or is it just a hoax?

Muneeb Ahmed,