'Correct' way to draw the letter X – and what it says about your personality

  • 11 Jul - 17 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
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We learn how to write when we're at primary school, but as we grow older we develop our own style rather than sticking to the strict cursive that our teachers taught us. But it turns out that the way in which we form letters actually says a lot about your personality – especially the letter X. In school we're taught to draw the letter X from the top left hand side moving diagonally down to the right, and then from the top right to the bottom left. Handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight for Oprah magazine, considers this the "right" way to draw the letter X and explains that the way in which you draw the two diagonal lines reflects who you are as a person. For reference, the colour line in the graphic represents the first stroke and the black line is the second.

1. You’re stuck in the past.

2. You’re running from something.

3. You like to rebel.

4. You’re focused on the future.

5. You live by your own rules.

6. You’re a trendsetter.

7. You like sticking to the norm and value order.

8. You like to think outside of the box.