Minimalist nail art

Less is more when it comes to dressing nail art this season
  • 11 Jul - 17 Jul, 2020
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

When we think nail art, phrases like "cue the drama," "not for the faint of heart," and "go big or go home" immediately jump top of mind. However, following a stretch of hard-hitting research (i.e., scrolling, tapping, and screenshotting furiously through our manicure-heavy Instagram feeds), we discovered quite the contrary. The realisation: Despite common thought, there are plenty of nail art designs dexterously catered to even the most minimalist of mani lovers.

Therefore, we decided to curate our own gallery catering to every type of minimalist on the spectrum – from the most restrained to the most maximalist. Make sense? So, without further ado, here are some dangerously demure nail art ideas to strike the fancy of every kind of minimalist.

Mismatched pastels

Mixing up the order of colours on each hand makes rainbow nails feel even more unexpected.

Gradient nails

Why wear one colour when you can wear them all? No wonder gradient nails are so huge this year.

Gemstone base

Glue a smattering of crystals in varying shapes and sizes at the base of a clear mani.

Iridescent studs

Pearls and studs look even more dreamy placed over an iridescent base.

Reverse French manicure

Not ready to embrace the French mani with open arms again? Give this sophisticated take on it a try.

Autumnal ombré

Take pinks into the fall by mixing them with shades of rust, wine, and cherry.

Deer print

Skip cheetah or zebra in favour of this more subtle (and unexpected) pattern.

Floral nails

A gem in the center of tiny flowers? Brilliant.

Cutout lines

This looks way more complicated than it really is. Just cut two thin strips of nail tape and place them diagonally on your nail. Then paint two lines in bright colours. Pull the tape up, and you've got these cool cutouts.

Smiley face

It's impossible not to feel joy every time you look down at this mani.