I have acne and scars on my face, uneven skin tone is also making my face look dull and grumpy. My husband prefers a fairer complexion on me and encourages me to go for laser or glutathione injection treatment. But I am 28, got married in March 2020, and now planning to conceive. Should I go for glutathione treatment? What do you suggest? Is it safe or not? Need your help!

Hi, congratulations on getting married. Glutathione injection is otherwise safe, I haven’t encountered any side effects personally on my patients. But I would advice you to postpone it for now. Plan a baby first, you can visit a dermatologist once you are done with your delivery.

I am 29, I have uneven skin tone which looks more dull due to scars and acne on my face. I tried many products but I stopped using them as they work only temporarily, leaving my face darker than my body. Please suggest me any face wash, and regime to get out of this problem.

Keep yourself well hydrated and also increase the intake of vitamin C and Glutathione. Use a sunblock and Glutathione containing night cream. For scars, I would advise you a suitable procedure after examination.

I threaded my upperlip and now it feels so dry, patchy and is excessively red. This usually happens to me during the summers. What should I do?

Apply a moisturiser before and after threading. You may also give a thought to laser hair removal if moisturisers are of not much help.

Which is better suited to hair during the summers – olive oil or coconut oil?

Any oil. But in lesser quantity and maximum application time must not exceed two hours.

I sweat off my sunblock even before I can get out of the house. Is there a point or should I not bother?

The weather’s really hot and some people have a natural tendency to sweat more. You can try applying DryDerm cream overnight and using a gel based sunblock is a better option for your skin type. •