Humayun Saeed

Throwback to the toughest days during JPNA2 shoot. Although, I had very few scenes in this look, it was an absolute nightmare to put on the fake beard and hair and then, spend an entire day. And then, repeat the next day! Thank God you guys liked the film!

Haroon Rashid

I am so impressed with @MawraHocane in the latest episode of Sabaat. She is excellent. So is the entire cast - Sarah Khan, Ameer Gilani - everyone. This is fast becoming my favourite drama on TV right now.

Farhan Saeed

Commencement of the construction of the #DiamerBashaDam is a historic milestone for #Pakistan, one that will not only make the country more self-sufficient with regard to its power requirements but will also boost associated sectors and create more jobs!

Ahsan Khan

It's time we stood up for our real hero's in #Pakistan and @abihahaider05 is one such figure . This is who I want my daughter to aspire to be like and represent her flag!

Faysal Quraishi

Often times we neglect and overlook those who reach out to us in search of empathy. I really wish we looked at other with compassion and kindness as opposed to shunning them away. For my recent project I address depression and the severity of its impact.