“Be a woman who chases no one, who doesn’t rely on someone else for her happiness and self-worth, who needs no validation, no approvals because happiness and satisfaction comes from within. You are a boss not a slave!”

Sonya Hussyn dropping in words of empowerment and a reminder to tread your path with your head held high.

“I’m a human being and should be able to express without it turning into something malicious, which is completely out of context,”

Bala actress clears the air on Say it All with Iffat Omar about her tweets that raged storm on the internet.

“We need to welcome all artists from around the globe. Art has no language or boundaries. Don’t politicise everything,”

Amidst the hot discussion surrounding Esra Bilgic’s signing as a brand ambassador for a local brand, the Superstar actor shares his two cents and positivity.